Tarot reads in Perth from Wisdom of Cards

Tarot card reading has become an increasingly popular metaphysical practice for many in Perth looking to gain greater insight into their lives. Wisdom of Cards is a tarot reading service helping meet the demand for greater self-discovery through the esoteric arts.

A Brief History of Tarot

Tarot has its roots in 15th century Europe for gaming purposes. The first decks contained four suits similar to a traditional deck of playing cards. Over the centuries, Tarot evolved into a tool for divination and explaining the unseen world.

Here are some key points in the history of Tarot:

  • 1440 – Earliest Tarot decks created in Milan, Italy for playing card games.
  • 1750 – Antoine Court de G├ębelin publishes Le Monde Primitif claiming Tarot originiated in ancient Egypt containing mystical wisdom. Tarot begins to gain occult associations.
  • 1781 – Antiquarian Jean-Baptiste Alliette publishes first instructional Tarot book for divination and occult sciences.
  • 1854 – Occult group The Order of the Golden Dawn incorporates Tarot into its teachings.
  • 1909 – The Rider-Waite-Smith deck designed combining Tarot imagery with mystic symbolism. Becomes widely popular deck.
  • 1970s – New age movement embraces Tarot as a spiritual tool for self-discovery. Tarot experiences resurgence.

Tarot has evolved over many centuries from games to a way to commune with the divine and gain inner wisdom.

An Overview of Tarot Cards and Readings

A Tarot deck contains 78 cards broken into two sections:

  • Major Arcana – 22 cards representing life’s journey and mystical forces.
  • Minor Arcana – 56 cards in four suits (wands, cups, swords, pentacles) similar to a deck of playing cards.

Some key cards in the Major Arcana include:

  • The Fool – Beginning of the journey, new possibilities
  • The Magician -Manifestation, willpower, resourcefulness
  • The High Priestess – Intuition, sacred knowledge, the subconscious

and so forth through the sequence of the Major Arcana cards reflecting life’s path.

In a Tarot card reading, the reader will shuffle the cards and layout a spread with specific card positions and meanings. Some popular spreads include:

  • The Celtic Cross – A 10 card spread laid out in a cross pattern. Provides overview of major spheres of inquiry.
  • Three Card Spread – Simple spread with cards representing past, present and future. Good for quick insights.
  • Horseshoe Spread – Cards laid out in horseshoe pattern reading right to left. Good for timeline based questions.

The reader interprets the cards based on their upright or reversed position, symbols, astrological associations and more. The cards artwork and sequence Tell a symbolic story to provide guidance.

Tarot as a Tool for Self Discovery in Perth

Tarot has experienced a revival in recent decades with more people seeking personal growth and spiritual connections. The mystical imagery and archetypes of the cards make Tarot an ideal tool for:

  • Reflection – The cards provide a mirror to analyze our thoughts, emotions, life patterns and inner landscape.
  • Guidance – By examining the cards, we can gain insights on challenges, relationships, career and struggles. New perspectives emerge.
  • Discovering Needs – The cards reveal what is missing in life, what needs nurturing, hopes and desires. Creates self-awareness.
  • Life Transitions – Major Arcana cards like Death, The Tower or Temperance reflect the need to release the old and welcome the new in times of transition.
  • Uncovering Blocks – Reading can identify psychological blocks, limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns limiting our potential. Allows us to break free of blocks.
  • Renewal – Times of stress can cloud our inner wisdom and truth. Tarot helps clear the mind and renew clarity and calm.
  • Manifestation – Cards like The Magician and The Star reflect our power to manifest dreams into reality through focused intention.

For those seeking greater purpose and meaning, Tarot is a powerful tool to explore the inner self and unconscious mind and unlock our highest potential. Even for skeptics, the symbolic journey of the cards sparking introspection can be meaningful.

The Service Offerings of Wisdom of Cards in Perth

Wisdom of Cards was founded by Elena, a certified Tarot master, psychic medium and spiritual counselor with over 10 years experience. Her mission with Wisdom of Cards is to make the empowering insights from Tarot accessible to all.

Wisdom of Cards offers Tarot readings in Perth in several formats:

  • Private in person readings – 60 or 90 minute private sessions held in a serene space with sage, crystals and candles setting the atmosphere. Great for deep personal readings.
  • Phone consultations – 30-60 minute phone sessions for those who cannot meet in person. Just as insightful as the private readings.
  • Parties and events – Tarot readings can be booked for parties, corporate events, hen nights, birthdays and more. Popular interactive entertainment.
  • Workshops – Group workshops like “Tarot 101” help learn the symbolism, meanings and spreads. Great for Tarot beginners.
  • Online recorded readings – Provided in an audio MP3 recording with photos of the spread. Sent electronically great for reflection later.

Elena is happy to tailor sessions to meet individual needs whether just learning Tarot or seeking decision making insights.

What to Expect During a Tarot Reading Session

Tarot sessions with Wisdom of Cards provide a safe, welcoming space to explore your life’s path. Here is a general overview of what to expect:

  • You will be greeted in a calming environment with soft lighting and inspiring imagery. This sets the tone for introspection.
  • The session will begin with some deep breathing and grounding techniques to center and focus intentions.
  • Elena will have you shuffle the Tarot cards to energize them with your energy. Cards are shuffled until you feel the deck is ready.
  • You will be asked to provide a brief overview of the core topics, issues or questions you want addressed. This helps guide the session.
  • Elena will then layout selected Tarot cards into a Tarot spread based on your needs. Spreads range from 5 to 15 cards laid in a pattern.
  • She will provide her insights for each card in the spread including the card meanings, symbols that stand out, links between cards and possible interpretations to consider based on the question.
  • You can share your own thoughts on each card. The discussion of the cards together uncovers deeper insights.
  • Photos of the spread will be provided along with notes summarizing the key insights and points to reflect on after the session.
  • To close, Elena may provide some suggested action steps, perspectives to embrace or themes for meditation.

Throughout the relaxed, interactive session, your role is to remain open the guidance the cards provide. Their symbolic interpretations are meant for self-reflection and examination, not as definitive predictions or answers.

Sample Tarot Spreads and Analysis

To give a sense of the Tarot cards in action, here are two sample Tarot readings and card analysis:

Three Card Reading

Question: What do I need to know about my career path?


  • Past – The Fool
  • Present – Four of Cups
  • Future – Ace of Pentacles


  • The Fool represents new beginnings in the past. This suggests you took a chance on a new career opportunity or direction.
  • Four of Cups in the present can indicate disillusionment, a lack of fulfillment or being emotionally withdrawn related to your current career.
  • The Ace of Pentacles for the future is a very positive sign of potential opportunity, prosperity and growth coming your way if you remain open to it.

This reading indicates you took a chance in the past that now leaves you dissatisfied. Importantly, an opportunity to find greater fulfillment lies ahead. The present is about reflection while the future is ripe with potential for your career.

Celtic Cross Spread

Question: What do I need to know about my romantic relationship?


  1. Central Issue – The Lovers
  2. Crossing – Two of Wands
  3. Foundation – Four of Wands
  4. Recent Past – Ace of Cups
  5. Crowning – The Emperor
  6. Near Future – The Hermit
  7. Self – King of Cups
  8. External Influences – Queen of Pentacles
  9. Hopes and Fears – Nine of Swords
  10. Outcome – Temperance


  • The Lovers highlight the relationship itself. The Two of Wands crossing it suggests needing to plan more quality time together.
  • Four of Wands in the foundation points to commitment and shared values. Ace of Cups shows joy and love in the recent past.
  • The Emperor combined with the King of Cups shows both you and your partner bring strong, protective energy.
  • The Hermit in the near future suggests a need for introspection and deep talks to strengthen the bond.
  • The Queen of Pentacles shows someone generous, down-to-earth and dependable will help support the relationship.
  • However, the Nine of Swords shows anxiety and doubts causing turmoil.
  • Temperance in the outcome position ultimately shows the need for patience, balance and staying centered to maintain a loving relationship through the current challenges.

Overall this Celtic Cross reading reveals the relationship has a strong foundation and shared values to weather the present difficulties and self-doubt. Support is available. What’s needed is balance, patience and communication to maintain harmony.

Daily Tarot Readings
Daily Tarot Readings

Choosing the Right Tarot Reader

Whether considering Wisdom of Cards or any Tarot reader, here are some tips for choosing the right reader for your needs:

  • Check Reviews – Reviews on Google, Facebook and psychic directories like Kasamba provide insight on readers’ expertise, trustworthiness and client experiences. Look for consistently positive feedback.
  • Look for Experience – How long has the reader been practicing Tarot? Extensive experience allows a reader to provide nuanced interpretations.
  • Consider Specialties – Readers often specialize in certain types of readings like relationships, career or mediumship. Choose a specialty matching your question.
  • Personal Connection – A great reader will make you comfortable and respond well to your energy and needs. Trust instincts if you feel a good connection.
  • Ethical Conduct – Reputable readers are upfront about pricing, policies, their skills and don’t make unrealistic promises. Run if something feels shady or pure hype.
  • Offerings – Consider which types of readings you want like private versus parties, spiritual versus prediction focused and so on.

Take time finding the ideal reader for your needs. Reviews, experience, specialties, connection and professionalism are signs of an excellent reader.

Embracing the Guidance of the Tarot

The symbolic Tarot cards have guided seekers for centuries through its archetypes, numerology, imagery and interpretations. While often dismissed as superstition by skeptics, even psychology has acknowledged Tarot’s value in exploring our inner landscape through projection and archetypes.

Approaching Tarot readings with sincerity, self-reflection and an openness to potential insights can open new doors. The cards reveal what often evades conscious awareness. They provide perspective to nurture our highest selves and potential. Even in darkness, the cards provide hope of new beginnings and possibilities.

For those in the Perth area seeking greater self-knowledge and purpose, the services of master Tarot reader Elena and Wisdom of Cards provides an avenue to manifest this mystical journey of awakening. Let the Tarot be your guide to life’s essential truths.

Wisdom of Cards
Wisdom of Cards

Frequently Asked Questions about Tarot Readings in Perth

What is Tarot?

Tarot is a form of divination using a deck of 78 cards split into the Major and Minor Arcana. The cards’ imagery and symbols provide intuitive guidance when laid out in spreads. Tarot readings help us reflect on life issues and gain self-awareness.

What are the origins of Tarot?

Tarot originated in 15th century Europe as playing cards. Over the centuries, Tarot evolved into a tool for gaining spiritual guidance and occult knowledge. The Rider-Waite deck incorporating symbolic imagery sparked modern Tarot’s popularity.

What are the Major and Minor Arcana?

The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards representing life lessons and mystical archetypes. The Minor Arcana has 56 cards in four suits (cups, wands, swords, pentacles) similar to a deck of playing cards.

How does a Tarot reading work?

The reader has you shuffle and cut the deck to charge it with your energy. Cards are then laid out in a spread with assigned positions and meanings. The reader interprets the cards’ symbols, numerology and meanings in relation to your question for intuitive insights.

What are common Tarot spreads?

Popular spreads include the Celtic Cross, the 3 card past/present/future spread and the Horseshoe spread. The number and position of cards in a spread have assigned meanings. Spreads can address specifics like relationships, decision-making, life purpose and more.

What is the role of Tarot imagery and symbolism?

The Rider-Waite deck incorporates archetypes, numerology, astrology, symbols of the occult, scenes of human life and more. This allows for deep interpretation of the cards in relation to spiritual concepts and inner psychology.

Question Answer
How do you prepare for a Tarot reading? Come with an open mind and sincere intentions. Reflect on your central question or issue ahead of time. Ground yourself via meditation or breathing before the reading.
What are some commonly used Tarot spreads? Popular spreads include the Celtic Cross, Three Card, Horseshoe, Tree of Life, and Zodiac spreads. Each has a unique card layout and meanings.
How many Tarot cards are in a complete deck? A Tarot deck contains 78 cards total. This includes 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards across four suits (wands, cups, swords, pentacles).
What role does the Tarot reader play in an interpretation? The reader uses intuition to synthesize the cards’ meanings in relation to the seeker’s energy and question. The reader is a guide, with the final interpretations up to the seeker.
How long does it take to become a skilled Tarot reader? It takes consistent practice over months and years to master interpreting spreads, card combinations, symbols and tapping intuition. Mentorship also helps Tarot reading skill development.

How can Tarot help someone?

Tarot helps by providing perspective on challenges, surfacing hidden factors influencing life, revealing needs for change, identifying goals and manifesting desired outcomes through focused intention. The cards serve as a mirror for self-examination and growth.

What are the benefits of Tarot compared to other divination?

Unlike pass/fail methods like pendulums, Tarot’s nuanced symbolism sparks deeper introspection and interpretation. The cards tap into our intuition versus providing definitive yes/no answers. The images unlock our subconscious for inner wisdom inaccessible directly.

What are the different types of Tarot readings?

Readings can be done in person, by phone, via email with photo spreads or through recorded audio sessions. Parties provide entertainment with interactive readings. Some focus on prediction while others emphasize spiritual growth and self-discovery.

How does one become a Tarot reader?

It requires extensive study of the cards meanings, spreads, symbolism and intuition development. Readers often learn under the mentorship of an experienced Tarot master. Certification programs exist along with online courses. There is no formal licensing.

What makes a good Tarot reader?

A good Tarot reader displays empathy, integrity and transparency. They have a large knowledge base of card meanings. They tap into intuitionversus reciting meanings by rote. Excellent listeners who guide the seeker to insights without injecting bias.

What should I look for in a Tarot reading service?

Look for experienced readers with excellent reviews. See if they offer different types of readings and spiritual focuses tailored to your needs. Ensure upfront pricing and ethical policies. Check for a personal connection too. Go with your gut.

How should I approach getting a Tarot reading?

Come with sincere intentions rather than testing the reader. Focus your query ahead of time. Remain open to the cards’ symbolic guidance without trying to steer the predetermined outcomes. Allow time after to integrate insights through meditation and reflection.

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